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It’s an artwork that includes any kind of medium. Paint, sculpting elements,video, events or processes (such as the decaying effect of time or marketing strategies). ALL TOGETHER.

Meta comes from the ancient greek which means “beyond” or “adjacent”. A metawork records whatever occurs, in any form/media it may take, as long as it is relevant.

Rather than the word “medium” it would be more accurate to use “vector”. Vector of emotions => whatever can be used to convey and gives the direction you want it to have.

Let’s look at the Joconde for example :

This piece is no more a painting, it’s a myth. The fact it was diverted by other artists, that it was stolen, that millions of people have crowded around it in the Louvre, spamming their cameras. That’s what makes the Joconde what it is today, more than the actual work within the frame.



And the same goes for every piece of art. It’s comprehended and impacted by elements such as environment, stories around it, viewers frame of mind, the artist’s life while it was painted (what kind of music did he listened to for example). All kinds of elements that are not explicitly shown in the end result, yet remains an important part, if not the most, of the way a piece is experienced.

A metawork is never finished. It’s living & fresh => whatever occurs to the piece will modifiy it. A collector buys me a piece, unframed. The way he’s going to frame it and fit it into his own environment, is now what the piece is. If someone feels right about painting on it, he does it and then the piece evolves in a further state.

This leads to alter two core notions of art : masterpiece and artist’s property.

Masterpiece => there’s no “end of the world” artwork. The artwork grows and evolves. The moment it comes out of the studio is a just a step. There is no end result. The road is opened.

Artist’s property => I’ve put in the street a vagina painting. It was painted over, and the frame was altered. That’s what the piece now is. And I am not the only one who contributed to it. To get back to our previous example, what’s the part of da Vinci into the way we look at the Joconde today? Very little. Collectors, curators, people also have made it what it is.



Metawork is the tool I created and use now to think and produce my works. It’s a concept to be refined and thought, if you want to join and talk about it, feel free to leave me a mail at


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